Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter everyone!
Its been a blast spending Easter with my family here in Arizona, as you can probably tell by the millions of pictures I've taken and posted.
Last night we all decorated Easter eggs for the "Easter Bunny" to hide, and the joy and excitement on Bella's face was priceless.
As tradition in our family, everyone picks one egg that is specifically theirs to decorate. This egg will be the one you fight with in the morning in our annual Easter Egg Fight!! Here is a Pictures of John's monster egg.... it cracked me up
And of course I HAD to make an "Aunt Emily" egg :-)

This morning we all woke the kids up and had our traditional Easter egg and Easter Basket hunt. This was Tyler's 1st Easter in which he really understood what was going on, and watching him run around finding eggs and baskets was hilarious!
At breakfast we all took our turn at Eggs Fights.... the ultimate champion was non other than the "Jesus" egg I made the night before. How appropriate for Easter!

Here is a cute picture of Bri and Bella egg fighting
After the excitement of breakfast and the digging into of the Easter Baskets, we all got ready and went off to Church.

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