Sunday, April 5, 2009

Girls Night!

After a tough week full of many ups and downs its no secret I was in desperate need of a "Girls Night". All I can say is thank goodness for my girlfriends. Becca and Lauren selflessly put their lives on hold for the night to take time out for a much need evening of martinis, food, pjs, games, gossip, and LOTS of laughs. Those who know me best, know I'm a entertainer at heart. I absolutely love to set up my apartment and have people over... and last night was by far one of the most fun I've had entertaining in a while. Here are some pictures of the evening.....

Here is my cute "Girls Night Table before I put all the food on it

The table with all the yummy food

Food Served:

1. Mini Tacos

2. Mini Pizzas

3. Fruit and cheese sicks

4. Veggies and Hummus Dip

5. Chocolate Covered Pretzels

6. Chocolate covered almonds (with rock salt! YUM!)

7. Mocha chip chocolate bars

8. 5 different cheesecakes

Drinks Served:

1. Apple Martinis

2. Lemon Drop martinis

3. White Russians

4. Baileys

5. Red wine

"Whats A Dame to Do"... a HILARIOUS games just for girls! We laughed our butts off!

I make a good bartender :-)

Becca and I with our Lemon Drop Martinis

Lauren and I

Becca and Lauren... cute bunnie ears Becca

My new shot glasses were too cute to resist. Becca's nervous face cracks me up!!

Finally at the end of the night we got a pic of all three of us together.... note my tired eyes and lack of make-up... I look oh so lovely

Picture of our table at the end of the night... MESSY! oh and note the first aid kit on the back left hand corner. I cut my finger with a knife while trying to open something (OUCH!)

Over all it was a wonderful night that we all have decided will now be our new tradition. Even though I'll be moving to Arizona, I know we'll all still get together for "Girls Night" a couple times a year. I will truly miss these girls dearly when I leave :-(

I love you Becca and Lauren! Thanks for coming!

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