Saturday, April 11, 2009

My New Arizona Apartment

Hello from beautiful Arizona!
I awoke this morning to an amazing desert monsoon and and a nice cool cloudy day perfect for apartment hunting. I can hardly believe it, but its only 1:30pm and I've already signed a lease and am now officially a resident of Scottsdale Arizona! I decided on the Camden Legacy Apartments and couldn't be happier with my choice! The apartment is gorgeous and well worth the long move. Here are some photos I took of the apartment I'll be living in...
Here is my living room. My sister is showing me where things should go

My lovely (and big) kitchen

The dining room... oh and my weird brother in law John (what a goof!)

My sister playing Vana White in my Laundry room (ITS HUGE!!)

Here is one angle of the guest bathroom

The shower/tub in the guest bathroom

The guest room

My bedroom (the master bedroom)

Another angle of my bedroom

Here is the little hall to my bathroom inside my master suit :-)

Master Bath

Different angle of master bath

A girls favorite part of her home.... the walk in closet!! this closet was massive, but its hard to tell because I wasn't able to get the entire width from the angle I was standing. Regardless the closet is easily 3x bigger than what I have now :-) YAY!

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