Thursday, April 9, 2009

Watch Out!

I'm cranky, easily annoyed, impatient, emotional, exhausted, bloated, and something that rhymes with "witchy". I truly feel sorry for thoes around me who are forced to endure my oh so lovely Pre-menstrual symptoms. Now excuse me for discussing this so called "off limits" subject, but can I just ask... what in the world was God thinking when He created the menstrual cycle?? I mean expecting women to endure nearly two weeks of emotional hell is simply unreasonable. And what exactly is it men have to endure?... NOTHING! Yet they have the nerve to ask us "is this your time of the month?" when we begin to show the slightest of emotion or annoyance, as if being annoyed has nothing to do with them and everything to do with our period. RIIIIGHT!! Oh and another thing... why is it that at the exact moment our bloating begins and our jeans wont button, is the day we receive the new Victoria's Secret swim suit catalog edition?? Come on people, NO ONE LOOKS LIKE THAT! I'd like to see Gisele with no make-up, dirty hair, with an un-airbrushed body, bloated, and cranky shoved into a barely there two piece and see just how sexy she really feels. Am I right?


I think I need a glass of wine... actually make that a lemon martini!

This poster cracks me up. If you cant read it, it says "PMS: Problems Men Started"

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