Monday, April 13, 2009

I am a friend of God

Dont you hate that "needy" side of you that desires to be loved? Somewhere down the line we were all taught that to want this love was "needy" and to be needy was weak.
I'll admit, I'm not proud of the fact that I constantly find myself wanting to feel accepted, embraced, taken care of, and understood. But its true, I wants someone who wont leave me, hurt me, or break my heart.
It wasnt until today that I realized I already have this special someone. No more trying to find it in family, friends, or boyfriends. No more broken hearts or seemingly unanswered prayers. No more feeling lonely or desperate.
Because I have my God.
A God who loves me through thick and thin. A God who stands beside me when I sin, when I curse Him, and when I question Him. A God who knows me and needs no explanation from me. A God who desires to spend a life with me. A God who delights in my quirks, both good and bad.
And best of all, a God who doesnt need me... but a God who wants me.
I am a friend of God,
He calls me Friend!

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