Monday, April 13, 2009

On the Edge

Have you ever wished you could just take a vacation from your life? A hiatus of sorts. You know, time away from the stress of responsibility, obligations, complicated emotions, tough decisions, and broken relationships. Time to simply sit back, kick up your feet and forget about the world.
I dont know about you, but a vacation from my life sounds absolutely blissful right about now. Its become painfully obvious to me that I've hit a wall...
I feel tired, exhausted, emotional, unbalanced, mixed up, and perpetually pulled in a million directions. I'm frustrated, excited, optimistic, distressed, worried, and all cried out.
Confused yet? Welcome to my world!
I literally feel as if I'm on a crazy never ending roller coaster that has lost its intrigue and is beginning to make me nauseated.
I'm out of words, out of feelings, and out of energy to do it all. Where do I go from here? How do I handle what I've created? Whether I like it or not, tomorrow WILL come and I WILL be forced to move forward... but how?
Lord show me the way. Pick me up when my feet wont move. Tell me everything will be "ok". Re-energize me and fill me up. Help me move forward.

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