Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Artist of the Week:
Jenny Lewis

While I'll admit that my musical mood continues to remain in the Janis Joplin realm, you'll be happy to hear I've branched out and recently discovered a new artist I wanted to share with everyone. Her name is Jenny Lewis and everything about this girl- from her look, her sound, her guitar skills, and her moving performances- makes me want to live the life she leads. Jenny is both a solo artist as well as the lead vocalist and guitar player in the indie band Rilo Kiley. Previously a child actor, Jenny has been known to wear many hats in the industry, but perhaps her greatest is that of singer/songwriter. Her seductively mesmerizing and feminine vocals have captivated audiences world wide, while her often movingly honest lyrics make you feel as if she is bearing her soul to only you.
Here are two clips- one is a live performance of her hit single "Acid Tongue", while the second one is of her band Rilo Kiley singing "With Arms Outstretched".

So sit back and let Jenny's melodic sounds flow over you......

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