Sunday, March 7, 2010

What I did Today

It's raining here in Arizona today, so I've decided to take this opportunity to mess around on my guitar and let the creative juices flow.... but then I got frustrated and needed a break so...
I checked my email- boring.
I flipped on the TV- super boring.
I drank some home made hot coco- yummy!
I stood in the middle of my living room admiring the eclectic home I live in- it made me happy.
I pulled open all my blinds to watch the down pour of rain- beautiful... for like 5 minuets, then I got bored again.
I dug through all my old jewelry and put on 4 bracelets, 5 rings, and two different earrings- so pretty!
I got hungry so I ate hummus and fresh veggies- surprisingly unsatisfying.
I turned on a little Cat Stevens and got the urge to paint- but I have no supplies.
I checked my favorite website (The Selby) - and decided I wanna be her...
...and then I remembered how much I like being me.
So what am I doing now??
I dunno- my day is filled with endless opportunities, and I kinda like it that way.

1 comment:

K(aitlin)K(ing) said...

the selby is the besssst also i love this house too!