Friday, March 26, 2010

A Few Favorite Things...
  1. Meandering the isles of Costco and sampling yummy little treats at every sample table.
  2. Singing in my car with the windows rolled down.
  3. Watching Tirzah (my pup) do speedy and frantic laps around my apartment after she gets a bath.
  4. Worshiping with my shoes off so my feet can feel the ground beneath me.
  5. Wearing yoga pants and my worn men's Hanes t-shirt around the apartment while I clean (AKA read, watch tv, and download new music)
  6. Eating hummus- creamy, delicious, melt in your mouth hummus.
  7. The feeling of inspiration.
  8. Getting random notes of encouragement from family and friends.
  9. My rough and callused fingers from playing guitar
  10. OH! Why my guitar of course! Its pretty, its old, and best of all- it was my dad's.
  11. Rice milk- its my latest and greatest beverage obsession.
  12. Honey facial masks... especially when it drips and a little drop of honey falls into my mouth. Yum!
  13. And finally, reading and writing poetry. It somehow makes my world feel more beautiful.

With all the hustle and bustle of this busy frantic life, it can be hard to remember the things that bring you joy- I encourage you to make a list. And please feel free to share it with me!! I'd love to know what brings you happiness.

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