Monday, March 15, 2010

Not Me Monday

Since I'm on spring break and essentially have nothing to do and no where specific to be (thank the lord!) I thought it'd be the perfect time to bring back some of my old blog post favorites.
Which can only mean one thing......
Its time for.....
Not Me Monday!!!
  1. I did NOT wake up at 2am this morning and wander into my kitchen for a midnight snack of frozen organic chocolate Oreo cookies- and I do NOT insist on using the word "organic" to make myself feel better when talking about my oreo cookie splurges.
  2. I did NOT scream out loud at my guitar this morning when attempting to play Angel from Montgomery for the millionth time!!
  3. I am NOT considering going to see a movie alone this afternoon in order to check off another item from my "To Do Before I Die List"
  4. I do NOT currently have a fridge full of nothingness due to my laziness when it comes to grocery shopping.
  5. I am NOT currently reading 3 different books at once because of my inability to choose just one and stick with it.
  6. I did NOT get extremely impatient and literally start tapping my foot at the old man in front of me at Dunkin Donuts who insisted on ordering coffee for what seemed like an entire army.
  7. And last but not least, I am NOT looking forward to watching Real Housewives of New York as the highlight of my week.

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