Saturday, March 13, 2010

Magical Saturday

It's Saturday!!!
And what a glorious Saturday it was. I managed to fill my day with nothing but friends, literature, music, and movies until my heart was content.
I started off the morning by attending a poetry club at an adorable coffee shop in downtown Phoenix called "Hob Nobs" (and yes it is now officially my new favorite place to hang out!)

Any coffee shop that resembles an eclectic living room, contains walls covered in local art, has killer chai tea lattes, and live music every Friday and Saturday night, is considered a little slice of heaven in my book.

After Hob Nobs, Kalie and I ventured into our favorite used book store where we picked up an arm full of books to purchase and wept over all the ones we had to leave behind. I walked away with three fabulous finds, including-

1. A beautiful old hard cover version of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. To top it off, this specific copy is of Emily Bronte's unedited original version.... I couldn't contain my excitement when I laid eyes on it.

2. An even older hard cover version of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, which includes two alternate endings Dickens originally wrote before deciding upon the ending he would eventually publish.

3. And finally, a copy of Dubliners by James Joyce.

But before I left the store, something in the corner caught my eye, and behold it was love at first sight! What was it you ask??? Only the single handed greatest collection of music to ever exist-

Yes, thats right I'm talking about the incredible 25 year anniversary box set of Woodstock 69'. Not only does it include a book of pictures from the epic concert, but it also contains four discs of every live song played at Woodstock, plus a disc of previously unreleased material!!!! Ahhh!!! I almost cried. And to top it off I only paid $20 when it retails for approximately $130.

(This is the only picture I could find of the outside of the box- it doesn't do it justice!)

After my adventures at the used book store, Kalie and I settled into our comfy clothes and watched a few movies while lounging on my couch. It was a glorious day indeed.

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Lindsay said...

I love this post! Miss you xo