Friday, March 5, 2010

Artist of the Week

Artist of the Week:
Suzi Quatro

The only thing I love more than classic rock n' roll, are women who can actually play classic rock n' roll! There's something empowering about a woman who isn't scared to pick up an electric guitar and jam with the boys.

If you dont know who Suzi Quatro is- you should! When Suzi came onto the music scene in the early 70's, she rocked the world like no woman had before. Suzi quickly became an idol for women aspiring to make their mark in the music world- including Joan Jett who as a teenager used to sit outside Suzi's hotel hoping to get just a glance of Suzi passing by. Joan eventually became notoriously known for copying Suzi's signature look of performing on stage in all leather- something no woman before Suzi had ever done.

What I admire most about Suzi is her grounded and down to earth perspective on life. In an recent interview Suzi was quoted as saying,

"My father instilled a professional attitude in me, that this is a job, so I'm able to leave it all up there and come off the stage and be normal. This is what a lot of people get wrong. You dont need to live the rock star life off-stage, it's boring. Leave it where it belongs and be normal."

Some of Suzi's greatest hits include:

Can the Can
48 Crash
Wild One (my personal favorite)
Devil Gate Drive

Here is a clip of Suzi playing "48 Crash" in 1973.

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