Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tempting Teal Tuesday!
I love the color teal, so here are a few items I found deliciously tempting....

Nail polish in any color is fun, but teal just screams summer.
Now I dont have the guts to pull off teal hair, but if I were this girl- I'd totally rock it!
Everything about this room makes me drool!! Isn't it beautifully inspiring?
The Indian fabric worn here is the epitome of teal perfection.
Can't have too many rings...
This bathing suit puts me in the mood for summer! I love the retro feel of it too!

1 comment:

vicki said...

I LOVE turquoise. I have always felt like teal was its wannabe cousin twice removed. But, after seeing your blog perhaps I'll need to change my mind and upgrade teal to "off-turquoise". :)

p.s. Watch out for the tatoos. I am amazed that, even being in good shape and having some tone, my skin is sagging in places I thought was only reserved for the over-60 crowd. I think the favorite senior citizen game for the now 20's crowd will be not bridge but guessing what your tatoos used to be/say. teehee