Thursday, June 25, 2009

Carl's Jr.

I was sitting on my couch relaxing this evening when a new Carl's Jr. commercial popped up on my television screen. Now usually I never watch commercials, considering the fact that I TiVo everything and simply skip past them all. But tonight was different. As I sat and watched the new ad, my mouth literally dropped open as my anger level began to rise. For those of you who haven't seen the new commercial staring Audrina Patridge (a reality tv star), here it is for you to see:

I dont know about you, but I am more than extremely offended by this ad. These types of advertisements do nothing more than contribute to the millions of eating disorders plaguing women in our country today. First of all, the percentage of women who naturally have this body type is about 2%, so with that said I think its safe to say Audrina is NOT an accurate representation of the average woman. Second, no woman in her right mind actually roles around in a bikini eating a massive burger while sexy music plays in the background. And third, its demeaning to women to portray females as nothing more than sexual exhibitionists, performing for the benefit of the male gaze. Sadly, most women will unknowingly view this commercial on TV and accept it as truth. Truth that women are all "supposed" to be a size zero. Truth that a womens value is measured by her ability to attract male attention. Well, these lies must stop. The media plays an incredibly large role in our lives, please do yourself a favor and pay close attention to the ads your subconsciously being subjected to. Confront the lies and replace it with God's truth. Most importantly, when you see an ad that is offensive to women, take a stand and write a letter to the company. The more we speak out, the greater voice we'll have over the media industry.

Well, with that said, I've come up with a brilliant new idea for future blog entries of mine. In an effort to live a more positive life, I will now be ending each blog entry with a statement about something positive that happened to me that day.

Today's Positive: I got to spend the evening laughing and hanging out with new friends from church! :-)


LaVonne said...

I love your new Day's Positive! Your self-talk is great! You are a fabulous young woman!

Those Crazy Robinsons! said...

I must say....this commercial is rediculous, and I'm so thankful you have spoken out against it! So glad you're in AZ! We must get together again soon to discuss such disgusting portrayals of women and how innaccurate they are! HA!