Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm A Grown up now

So I'm broke.
Yep thats me, a poor college student without any money, trying to survive on cheep food bought at stores like Big Lots and Wallmart Supercenter (which totally rocks by the way, but still pales in comparison to Target. Sorry folks, nothin can beat Target... the store of which I have an intense love affair with.)
I'll admit it, I was spoiled when I was living at home. And although I had my own apartment and technically lived on my own, having the parents literally live 2 minuets down the street was seriously convenient when I ran out of toilet paper or had nothing more than wilted lettuce and moldy hummus in my refrigerator. All problems were easily solved with one quick stop at the Riolo Grocery store (AKA my parents house)
What was I thinking moving to Arizona??
Gone are the days when I can skip grocery shopping, eat at my parents house, and use the extra money to feed my Anthropologie shopping addiction.
Now I have to actually save my money, clip coupons, and live on a budget.
Real life sucks.
I want to be a grown up without actually having grown up responsibilities.
I want to have unlimited funds and spend my free time shopping and eating out at fancy restaurants.
I want someone to gas my car for me every time I'm running low.
I want to never have to scrub a dirty dish or mop my floor or dust my furniture ever again.
Hmm.... do I sound obnoxiously spoiled yet??
I want to travel the world, dance my butt off, do yoga in India, and follow Jesus where He leads me.... but why oh why did He lead me here?? To the place where stress is abundant, money is scarce, and responsibility runs rampant.
Fine God.
I'll do it.
I'll suck it up and be broke....
I'll make broke look fabulously fun, enticingly intriguing, and totally worthwhile.
But dont be fooled, deep down I still hate being a grown up.

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Mom said...

I was wondering where all that food, toilet paper etc was going!!! Come to think of it, suddenly our food bill has plummeted. Just kidding Sweetie...we love you and miss you very much!