Friday, June 19, 2009


You know your an obsessive blogger when going more than 24 hrs without posting practically gives you a panic attack.
Its now been a little more than 38 hrs since my last post and I think I'm already experiencing withdrawals.
Hmm, I wonder if they have support groups for addicted bloggers?
"Hi my name is Emily, and I'm an obsessive blogger."
Ahh I feel better already.
Much has happened since I posted last.
I took test, got an A, went on an interview, cleaned my apartment, did some much needed laundry, packed my bags, took a road trip to San Diego, went shopping with my mom, caught up with an old high school friend (shout out to Katie!!), experimented with hot curlers, and started reading a new book.
Oh and did I mention... I've also spent time piging out on all my favorite homemade foods.
Nothin like home cookin'!
While being back in San Diego is wonderful, I seemed to have forgotten how unforgiving the humidity is on my hair.
After an hour of washing, blow drying, straightening and styling, I finally achieved the perfect hair style (or as perfect as my hair can get)
But my hair satisfaction was short lived.
The moment I stepped out into the salty air, I was reminded once again that friz is not my friend!
In an attempt to control the friz and cure my sisters afternoon boredom, I decided to let her hot curler my hair....
BIG mistake... literally huge!
My hair was large and in charge baby.
I'd post pictures, but I fear they'll be used as blackmail against me one day.
Well, I'm off to enjoy the rest of my trip here in San Diego...
Pictures of the weekend soon to come.

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