Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Live In An Oven

Phew, life in Arizona sure is HOT!

I suppose I knew that considering I voluntarily moved myself to the desert, but let me tell ya adjusting to the heat is far harder than I expected.

Life is different when you live in a virtual oven.

For starters, its totally unnecessary to bundle up in the morning when I take Tirzah outside for her morning potty walk. Gone are the days when 6am meant 45 degrees. I now walk out the door and am greeted by a brisk 80 degree morning.

I've learned that air conditioning, ice cold bottled water, shorts, and lots of homemade Popsicles are my new best friends.

Another friend of mine..... my new automatic car start.

If you've never heard of it your seriously missing out.

This control panel slides onto my key ring and can actually start my car and cool it down for up to 15 minuets before I even get into the car.

No more sticking to the seats or wearing gloves because the steering wheel is too hot to touch.
I simply press a button when I'm in the store check out line, and *voila* my car is cool as a cucumber by the time I get to it. Its a life saver indeed!

As for Tirzah, well she's learning to manage the heat as well.

Tirzah now drinks double the water she used to in a day, and her new favorite hobby is when I place a cold ice cube on the kitchen floor for her to lick and chase around.

More often than not I find poor Tirz just sprawled out on the cool entry way tile just relaxing.

I've learned that during the heat of the summer its best for Tirzah and I to take several small walks a day rather than a few long walks. This prevents her (and myself) from over heating.

Yep, life sure is different now.

But I have to say, I'm starting to love my new life as an Arizona girl.... on the other hand maybe thats just the heat talking ;-)

My handy dandy homemade Popsicle maker.

Simply pour in your favorite juice (My favorites are organic blueberry and lemonade)

and place in the freezer. Once frozen, pop one out and enjoy the cool frozen goodness.

Here's a cute shirt I just couldn't resist buying. As a matter of fact I bought one for both my sister and I. If you cant read the print, it says:

"sun-loving, desert-hiking, mountain-biking, spa-hopping, poolside-lounging, blissed, blessed, at-one-with-the-universe, ARIZONA GIRL. Is it hot in here or is it just me?"

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LaVonne said...

We lived in Arizona 40 years ago. Most of the buildings had air conditioning or "swamp coolers." You went from cool environment to another by running through the heat. Our first car did not have traditional air-conditioning, but the 4/60 variety: roll down all 4 windows and drive like 60! I had a spray bottle of water that I kept in the car to spray my skin so the hot air blowing in the windows cooled me some! You do get more used to the dry heat. The winters are delightful, the sunsets gorgeous, and the desert smells pleasant. Cheers, LaVonne