Friday, June 12, 2009

Pessimism Rocks Sometimes

Excuse me while I have a bit of a pessimistic moment....
Things I hate in life:
  1. Cleaning stinky dishes that have been sitting in my sink for over a week.
  2. The smell of dirty diapers when my lovely sister accidentally leaves one in my kitchen trash, only to be discovered days later when the poo has begun to rot (gag!)
  3. The fact that my eyes automatically pop open at 5 in the morning... every morning! What the heck??
  4. Cats. Any cat really. I just dont get the point. They dont play, they sleep all day, and they scratch the heck outta everything in sight. I dont need that annoyance in my life.
  5. Shorts. I hate em'. I mean who wants to voluntarily put their cellulite giggly thighs on display for all to see?? Any for those girls who dont have cellulite on their thighs... I hate you too.
  6. Laying out in the sun. I love the tan, but hate the heat. I simply dont have the desire or patience to sit under the sun and bake for hours while my skin slowly develops cancer... no thanks!
  7. Working out. Ugh! Do I want the toned firm body? Yes. Do I want rock hard abs? Of course. Do I want to be able to climb a set of stairs without feeling like I just ran a marathon? You bet. But do I want to actually workout??.... the answer is simple... if it has the word "work" in it, it does not sound appealing to me.
  8. Anything with mayonnaise is disgusting and makes me want to gag. And if you insist on eating that crap around me, please make sure there are no mayo remnants hangin out in the corner of your mouth as you speak. Yuck.
  9. Getting my period. It stinks. End of story.
  10. Skinny jeans. I know they're trendy and all, but come on. Wearing skinny jeans is like asking for your butt to look bigger. Hmm, how can I make my butt look large today? I know! I'll wear super tight jeans that tapper at the ankle... that outta do it.
  11. Speaking of clothing trends, I also hate the "romper" trend... its nothing but an adult onesie people.
  12. The telvised Victoria Sectret show. What a way to lower your self esteem.
  13. And last but not least, I hate being the "new girl" in town. For some odd reason people flee from that girl. Heaven forbid you sit next to someone new and have to make conversation for five seconds. Awkward introductions are just not my thing. Cant I just skip the new girl thing, close my eyes, and wake up with friends?? No? I hate that too.

Ahh... I feel better now that I've purged my extensive "hate list".

Back to being the wonderfully adorable, sickly happy, and totally optimistic Emily :-)

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LaVonne said...

Regarding hating being the new girl in's a thought. If your church is large, there may be several or even many who are rather new. You could take the attitude/stance of being the one who speaks to many, making them feel valued and their presence important. (focus is on others) Years ago I learned a little trick. When you feel self-conscious in a group: switch your focus from yourself (that is self-centered) and focus on all those around you. Know in your heart that God put you in that place at that very time to be a blessing to someone. It makes self-consciousness scamper and you also receive a huge blessing.
It is hard feeling like the new girl in town, but I guarantee that most of the people in any room are hoping that someone will speak to them and care enough to ask questions, offer to sit with them, etc.
One very well-to-do & highly educated person once told me that he would give anything to be invited over for a bowl of popcorn. He said people just assumed that he had loads of friends and that he would not want to go to someone's home that was significantly less impressive than his own. I have never forgotten that.
Many good-looking, well-to-do, and talented people are longing for someone to be interested in them and not their status. You are a gift to all these people -- you have a heart of gold and want to make a difference. And, in making THAT difference, your own life will be filled to the brim.