Friday, June 12, 2009


Believe it or not I have never had a Sprinkles Cupcake.

What the heck???


Nope. Never.

Not once.

Thats right, I'm a Sprinkles virgin (hope that doesnt sound too dirty).

It's actually quite weird considering what a dessert freak I am.

But tonight I decided to forgo dinner and indulge in my first ever Sprinkles Cupcake.

Dont get me wrong, I dont condone skipping meals in replace of a butt load of refined sugar, but every once in a while ya just gotta live a little.

I was bound and determined to try what some have claimed to be "a little piece of heaven".

After much serious contemplation regarding what flavor I should choose, I finally decided on non other than the famous Red Velvet cupcake with white cream cheese frosting.

Let me first say that my cupcake was actually so darn cute I had a difficult time taking the first bite... but I got over it.


I think my heart actually skipped a beat as my teeth sunk into the sweet soft goodness.

Sprinkles Cupcakes are indeed the holy grail of desserts.
If you haven't had one, your seriously missing out!

I couldn't help myself, who wouldnt want to see this stinkin cute face??

And to top it off, Ty now says my name!!!
*SIGH* I love him!!

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