Friday, June 26, 2009

Hair Love

You know how approximately every six months you get that itch to change and/or revamp your look? Some women buy new clothes, some try new make-up, but me.... I change my hair style. This time, however, I wont be cutting my hair. Nope, instead I'm determined to grow my hair longer. Sure, long silky "Gisel-like" tresses may sound amazingly beautiful, but unfortunately my hair doesnt seem to want to grow. I've done everything from special shampoos, continual dead end trims, and of course a strong daily dose of multivitamins.... but have my efforts worked? Nope! Nada. My hair is still short!!! I'm actually embarrassed to admit this, but today I literally came "this close" to buying the Jessica Simpson clip in hair extensions at Ulta (pictured below). Fortunately, right there in the hair accessories isle, I came to my sense and realised that $90 for fake hair is probably not worth it.... especially since I'm broke with no job. And knowing my luck, I'd probably drive all home thinking this new product was sure to change my life (much like I thought when I bought my "Bumpit"), only to be disappointed when what I thought would be my miracle answer to perfect hair, turned out to be nothing more than a marketing scheme. I suppose this is yet another opportunity God is giving me to embrace and appreciate what He's given me. God must think we're so strange to go to such extreme and lengthy measures to change our appearance, when what He gave us was perfect to begin with. I'm learning everyday how to love who God created me to be. I consider myself a continual work in progress.

Daily "Positive": Sitting with Bella in the movie theater sharing a bag of sour candy and m&m's while watching Madagascar 2.

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Kaitlyn Marie said...

a. I do not think the hair clip ins is a good idea, my good friend brooke had them in and the lady at the bar tapped her on the shoulder and informed her that her "weave was sticking out". ULTIMATE HUMILIATION!
b. I like you with short hair! but everyone wants what they cant have!!
love you.