Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mommy For A Weekend... Part Four

It truly is amazing to see the world through the eyes of a three year old.
I cant tell you how many "why" questions Bella has asked me in the last 24hrs, but we've gotta be up to at least a few thousand by now.
Every answer I gave was then followed by yet another curious question or funny response.
Indeed Bella has kept me laughing and running all day long, but I wouldnt have it any other way.
I learn a lot with Bella by my side.
They say God doesnt give us patients, instead He gives us opportunities to practice patients, and boy does Bella provide me with a plethora of opportunity.
But her larger than life personality and stubborn nature are qualities the Lord placed within her tiny beautiful spirit, and I for one love every part of who she is.
Here are a few things I've learned from my sweet little Bella this weekend:
  1. Coloring and painting are quite relaxing and therapeutic activities.
  2. Your day is always better when you start it off with a cold up of juice and some morning cartoons.
  3. Showers are WAY more fun with bubbles and kitchen cups to play with
  4. Dressing up like a princess is a real self esteem booster.
  5. Taking the dog for a walk is not simply a chore... its an adventure into the unknown world of the outdoors.
  6. A "boo boo" will automatically feel better if given a Popsicle to eat.
  7. Car rides are more enjoyable when singing funny songs at the top of your lungs.
  8. And finally, goodnight kisses are always a great way to end the day.

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