Wednesday, July 1, 2009

25 Things

Ok so since giving in to the whole "Facebook" trend, I've become somewhat addicted to reading and viewing other peoples facebook pages. Can you say "stalker"? I'm determined not to become one of those girls who checks her facebook 100X a day and posts pictures of herself drinking and making kissing faces with a million different friends. I mean come on people, blogging is the only time consuming obsession I have room for in my life right now. But I digress... after reading a few friends Facebooks, I stumbled upon something called "25 things you wish you knew", in which people write 25 random facts about themselves that few people would know just by looking at you.... so here it goes....

25 things you wish you knew:
  1. I may disguise myself as a clean freak, but deep down I have a tendency to leave dishes in the sink for days, put off laundry till I have no clothes, spray Fabreeze to disguise my yucky smelling trash that piles up, and grow new experiments in my refrigerator.

  2. I have a shameless obsession with watching reality TV.... and no reality TV show is off limits.

  3. I love being in the kitching cooking with a glass of wine.

  4. I desperately wish I could be one of those girls who sleeps in till 10am, but unfortunately my body wakes me every freaking morning around 5:30.

  5. I'm addicted to coffee. But more so, I'm addicted to flavored coffee creamers.

  6. I could wander a book store for hours and have the time of my life.

  7. I make a snorting sound and role my eyes when I'm annoyed or frustrated, which in and of itself is utterly annoying.

  8. I honestly believe anything you could ever want or need can be found at Target.

  9. Most of the jewelry I wear, I actually made myself.

  10. I love bargain shopping (T.J. Max and Nordstrom Rack are my two favorites)

  11. Whenever I pack for a trip, I have a tendency to pack a bunch of cute shirts, several pairs of pants, and a plethora of shoes.... yet none of the items I pack ever match to make a complete outfit... I still cant figure out how this happens.

  12. I have an iron, but I dont think I've ever used it. The dryer is my solution to a wrinkly shirt.

  13. I live by myself in an adorably decorated apartment, and wouldnt have it any other way

  14. I love cinnamon flavored toothpaste.

  15. I hate flossing.

  16. I'm not as shy as I may seem at first impression.

  17. I bite my nails down to little nubs.... very un-lady-like I know

  18. I envy my mom and sister for their impeccable house keeping and entertaining skills.

  19. I love a good cheesy chick flick, but if it doesnt end in "happily ever after" I'm not interested

  20. I hate anything math related. Counting is just not my thing.

  21. I'm still searching for my Prince Charming, but I'm confident God has him all picked out.

  22. I'm passionate about stopping eating disorders (the number one mental heath killer)

  23. I have a heart for children.

  24. I love growing my relationship with the Lord.

  25. And last but not least, I love all things spicy, and it doesn't qualify as spicy unless it makes me sweat. As a matter of fact, I eat Franks Red Hot Sauce right out of the bottle until my tongue feels like it's gonna burn right off.... ahh its heaven!

Play along and leave a comment of your "25 things", or if you have a blog, make a post about your "25 things".... and let me know so I can go read it :-)

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lindsay said...

You are so cute :) Cinnamon toothpaste definitely is a Riolo thing for sure!