Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me Monday

  1. I did NOT take a butcher knife to my bottle of face wash last night in a desperate attempt to cut it open and scrape the sides of it for every last drop of soap in order to save myself from having to sleep with make-up on......which we all know leads to zits.

  2. I have NOT lived on vicodin and motrin for the past week due to the pain caused by the root canal I had on Wednesday morning.

  3. I did NOT pass up night swimming last night all because I was feeling bloated and fat. I am NOT that self conscious.

  4. I did NOT bribe my niece Bella with a cookie and her favorite Care Bears show so I could have 20 minuets to read my book in peace this morning.

  5. I did NOT leave wet clothes in the washer for over a day only to discover it now wreaks of mildew and needs to be washed yet again.

  6. I do NOT plug my nose and hold my breath every time I open my fridge, just in case something has died in there without my knowledge.

  7. I did NOT watch a creepy thriller movie with my sister the other night, and I certainly did NOT get so scared I had to sleep with a small light on in my bedroom that night.

  8. I did NOT spill blue slurpy all over the home decorating isle of Target! And I certainly did NOT just leave it there and walk away, pretending it never happened.

1 comment:

Elise said...

Oh no.. certainly not. You would never do any of those things!