Sunday, July 19, 2009

Adventures of a Dating Christian

The Adventures of a Dating Christian.

Oh the stories I could tell. In the last two years I've been on probably more than 100 first dates, some of which led to second dates, and some that left me wondering how these crazy men always seem to find me in the first place. You name them, I've dated them. The fast talker, the mute, the nerd, the cheapo, the motor crosser, the good boy, the bad boy, the guy who thinks he's a comedian, the all too feminine guy, the needy guy, and of course the awkward pauser. Its been an adventure to say the least. But as I start my new life here in Arizona, I've found myself surrounded by a whole new gamut of single men. They say Arizona grows em' best, and I'm out to see if that's true.

Now dont get me wrong, I'm not a serial dater. I dont seek to juggle men and date as many as humanly possible at. Nope, I'm on a mission to find my Prince Charming. A ring is the hope, but Love is the goal. Never in the past have I blogged about my dating adventures.... until now. Dont ask me why. I just am. So here it goes. Come along with me as I seek out my prince.

Date #1: July 18th 8:30pm, local trendy bar. I'm dressed adorably as usual. Black short, a billowy back and white polka-dot shirt, high heals, and a red flower in my hair. Its dark outside but lightening crackles between the mountains in the distance. I walk into the swanky little bar and make a sweeping glance across the room. I dont see him yet. The tiny tea candles line the place giving the bar a romantic dewy glow and making my lip gloss look shiny. Suddenly I see him. He's wearing kaki shorts and a white button down shirt with flip flops. Nicely dressed? Check! Perfect. I love it. Blond hair, blues eyes... not my usual taste, but I can make an exception. We exchange hugs and sit down to order. I get my usual... the Blackberry Fix, a mixture of rum, sweet and sour, and blackberries. He orders a beer. Very manly. Another check! The conversation begins. My voice feels a bit shaky from nerves, but I manage to pull myself together. The first few minuets are average. No significant conversation. Nothing funny, just introductions. He's a little awkward, but there's potential. Its now 9:15. Conversation is well under way. Our drinks are half gone and the nerves have passed as we both sit comfortably enjoying the night. I like him. He's charming in a quiet laid back kind of way. His smile is adorable. I love that he's older than me. As he talks about his job I can see the passion in his eyes. He lives for what he does. I admire that. We talk for two hours straight while people come and go around us. Its now past 10. We look up and notice the bar is empty and the waiter is now sweeping the floor. He asks for the check. I offer to help pay. He turns me down. He tells me its his pleasure. Another check! He then walks me to my car despite the fact that his is in the opposite direction. What a gentleman. We hug goodbye and say "lets do it again sometime". As I drive home he text messages me. It makes me smile. I'm seeing him again on Tuesday :-) Wish me luck!

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lindsay said...

AWW Emily! Yeay that sounds so romantic..and...I cant wait to read how the next date goes :) What a gentlemen.