Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A New Style

I've been inspired!!
Its funny how style and trends vary from place to place. Having lived in San Diego for so long, I had become accustomed to a certain look. To me, long platinum blond hair and anthropologie clothing was "in". Expensive designer jeans were all the rage, and of course anything from a trendy little boutiques downtown was thought to be the cream of the crop. Now of course, even with living here in Arizona, my heart still belongs to Anthropologie... in my mind, there is simply no greater place to shop (except maybe Target). But having lived in a new state for a few short weeks, I've noticed some new trends that I like quite a bit. For starters, shorts are a must. There just isnt any other way around it. Its too darn hot to wear jeans or pants of any kind. Second, bohemian chic is all the rage. Messy waves, random braids, headscarves, torn jeans, layered T's, big sunglasses, and simple flip flops are the norm. Its casual, its laid back, its natural, and its totally captured me. Strangely enough, I love having friends who inspire me to be less high maintenance and more "get up and go". Sure, I still wear make-up and dresses. I still love the occasional pair of high heels and fancy jewelry. But for the most part, I've learned how freeing it is to be natural. No need to impress. I'm learning to simply be myself. I'm rocking what I've got and loving every minuet of it.

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