Thursday, July 16, 2009

So Many Questions...

Sometimes I find myself proclaiming a side to an argument I honestly know nothing about. Sometimes I take the word of others and blindly believe without taking time to research and hear out both sides. As a Christian I strive to live a life according to God's word. Which in turn means, I'm an out and out advocate for pro-life, I'm against the legalization of gay marriage, and I believe that abstinence till marriage is of the utmost importance. But those are the easy issues. The answers to those questions are clear. What happens when the answer to an issue is not blatantly obvious? Life would be simple if everything existed in black or white, unfortunately, God challenges us to wrestle our way through various shades of gray in life. So here I go. Each week I'll be posting a new question, thought, or issue that I'm wrestling with. I'll dedicate that week to researching the topic, to educating myself, and to viewing both sides before deciding where I stand. I encourage all of you to join me as I dig deep, seek the Lord, and challenge myself. Your comments about your personal view on the issue at hand are of course welcome and very much encouraged. Don't be shy about leaving your opinion, as a matter of fact, you can even leave the comment "anonymous" if you'd like. I look forward to hearing what you believe and why.

Question of the Week:

Vegetarianism or Not? The Lord tells us to rule over and care for the animals of the earth, but does that mean we shall not consume them, or were they put here for our consumption purposes?

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Mom said... goes my longwinded response to your question. In Gen.1:29-30 God clearly states what He has provided for food for Adam & Eve while they are living in His perfectly created Garden of Eden. Later, however, after Man's fall from grace and expulsion from the Garden, God very specifically provides Moses with a detailed list of "clean & unclean" food for His people to adhere to in Leviticus chapter 11 and Deut. 14:1-12. As God's chosen people, the Jews were to follow strict dietary rules in addition to many other Mosaic laws as a means to keeping His people "set apart" from all others. Things changed once again when Jesus came to walk among us, God incarnate, as seen in Matthew 15:11 where Jesus redefines what makes a man clean or unclean..."what comes out of a man not what goes in is what makes him clean or unclean." In Romans chapter 14, Paul reminds us that like most things, even this comes down to it being a "heart issue". Those that chose to eat a certain way, if they do to it to bring glory to be it. Our focus should not be on what others choose to eat or not eat but on The One who made allthings