Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tofu Twigs and the Talk of the Town....

Tonight Elise and I embarked on a new cooking adventured as we attempted to cook dinner with only the ingredients in our fridges. It was no easy task, but we of course made it look effortless.
Good friends, lots of laughter, yummy food, and great conversation.... no better combination exists.

Yummy tofu sticks appetizers. Mouth watering goodness.

Elise cutting the amazingly delicious veggies to top our whole grain penne pasta.

Bright fresh veggies simply make my mouth water...
I bet your totally drooling right now aren't you??

Our veggie, mozzarella cheese, and penne pasta dish.

As Elise and I began to make our Warm Goat Cheese Salad (pictured below), we were at a loss as to what dressing to use. As I began to name off the dressings available in my fridge, Elise suddenly squealed with delight when she realized I had the EXACT dressing the original recipe called for. It was fate!

What a beautiful presentation, right??

Dinner is of course incomplete without dessert. And what was on the menu you ask??
A scrumptious blend of fresh baked fruit with a cinnamon and brown sugar topping.
(It tasted like heaven in my mouth!)

Here's Elise hard at work making the dessert a delectable treat.

Elise's strawberry glaze in progress.

What a lovely mess we made.

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Adam & Kayla said...

Em! everything looked so yummy! i'm really into cooking right now! (especially healthy cooking!) i liked the dessert idea...what is it exactly? peaches, strawberries, and banana baked with cinnamon and brown sugar? how long and at what temp do you bake it? thanks! love ya!