Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Let Summer Begin

Summer school is officially over! Can I get a "Woot Woot"?!?!? Today is now the my first day of summer, and in celebration of such an event, I've picked out two new books to read and enjoy. Nothing says relaxation more than new words of wisdom to fill my soul. Whenever I have the time and luxury to sit and soak up a new book, I tend to get so excited, I end up reading multiple books at once.... typical me... unorganized and indecisive! So to begin my summer reading, I've chosen a fictional book entitled "Soon" (by Jerry Jenkins) and somewhat of a self improvement book called "Every Thought Captive" (by Jerusha Clark). I can't wait to begin my journey through these books, and I'll be sure to post any new nuggets of wisdom I stumble across. For now I leave you with this quote from "Every Thought Captive" to chew on and wrestle with a bit....

"Every act, whether beautiful or heinous, starts in the mind. Every charitable act begins with a loving thought, and every sin grows out of a distorted thought. We sin, in large part, because we hold on to and live out of toxic beliefs. Many of our thoughts, unfortunately, are both negative and untrue. At different points in their lives, most women have believed poisonous lies such as these: I'm not good enough. What others think about me defines who I am. I am the sum of my accomplishments and my relationships".
P.S. Happy 1st of July everyone!! :-)

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