Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I'm writing this blog from the comfort of my ultra luxurious bed as I lay here wallowing in my own sickness. Unfortunately, I woke this morning to a rip roaring head cold. Its only 6:16pm and I'm essentially dead to the world. My head is pounding, my sinuses are so filled my face feels like it's going to implode, and my throat is absolutely on fire! Ugh.... *sniff sniff*.... I feel like crap. To make matters worse, its literally a staggering 112 degrees outside, and let me tell you, adding sweltering heat to body aches and chills is just plain torture.

Summer in Arizona is everything everyone told me it would be. DEATHLY HOT!!!! You know that wave of unbearable heat that smacks you in the face when you open the door to the oven?? Well thats what I experience each and every time I open my front door. But despite the heat, I love the summer. I love the smell of pool chlorine and lazy afternoons sitting in the backyard eating semi-melted otter pops. I love lounging in my pj's till noon and staying up till 1:00am with friends. I love reading books and sipping homemade margaritas. I love doing nothing with my sister and laughing so hard with her that a little pee eeks out. I just love it all!! If only I wasnt so sick to enjoy it. But for the time being, I plan on doing nothing but lie in bed, catch up on some reading, and of course watch a sickening amount of television.

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