Thursday, July 30, 2009

San Diego Adventures Part 1

The road trip to San Diego was amazing!! Despite the long car ride, numb butts, and my antsy dog, Elise and I had a wonderful time chatting, listening to music, and laughing the whole way from Arizona to Southern California. The blue skies and fresh California air soothe my soul and reinvigorate my spirit. Here are just a few pictures of our road trip and first evening in San Diego....
Tirzah on Elise's lap... isn't she just precious??
Here is Elise and I excited as we crossed the border into California!
YAY!!! San Diego here we come!!
Look at the beautiful weather... 75 degrees and sunny. *SIGH* wonderful!

After dinner Elise and I got dressed and ventured down to the beach to watch the sun set.

The beach at sunset is incredible!

Such cute feet we have!

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Bri and John said...

It's weird to not have you here! I thought to myself today "maybe I'll call Em and see if she wants to meet at Starbucks"...but then wait! I realized you weren't here!Enjoy your time and have fun :-) but then get yourself back here pronto!

PS. John walked in last night and when Ty heard the door chime he gasped and screamed "EMMY!!"