Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bella and Atyana

I awoke this morning to the daunting thought of a long day ahead. Let me set the record straight that indeed Atyana is a well behaved angel of a little girl, but regardless of the child, a 3 year old is a 3 year old. However, being the brilliant nanny I am, I knew Bella and Atyana (who are virtually the same age) would be fast friends. And so today consisted of breakfast at Dunkin Donuts with the Anderson clan, play time at "Imagination Kids" with Bella and Atyana, Lunch, and of course quality pool time. What an afternoon!! To my delight, Bella and Atyana became fast friends, and wore each other out playing for hours on end. Here a few snap shots of their day together....
See what I mean?? Fast friends!!

Snack break!!

Atyana learned a new trick
BELLA: ..."Thats amazing Atyana!"

Chatty girls at lunch

Best buddies!

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