Friday, July 3, 2009

Time with Ty

So I didn't spend the afternoon on some hot date, or out with new friends. I wasn't relaxing my the pool, or sipping margaritas. Nope, my afternoon was much better than all those things.... I had the privilege of spending quality one on one time with my precious nephew Ty! Our day was busy as we started it off with yummy blue slurpys at Target, followed by some serious play time at Chuck-E-Cheese, then back to my apartment for a little lunch and relaxation. It was so much fun spending time with Ty.... I'll treasure these times together forever.
I love you my little man!!!

Those puppy dog eyes get me everytime!
Ty's not too sure about the ride... his faces were cracking me up.

Ahh the slide, so simple yet so much fun
Daily "Positive": When Ty ran to hug me when I picked him up for our date.

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