Sunday, July 12, 2009

Praying for Kate McRae

Being the avid blogger I am, its no secret that I too have a plethora of blogs I follow and read each day. Some make me laugh, some inspire me, and some touch my heart in ways beyond words. Today, I received news of a new blog started by a mother here in Phoenix, whose family has been shaken to the core when they received news on Jun 29th that their precious daughter Kate McRae had a malignant brain tumor. Their story is touching, their strength astounding, and their faith inspiring. Please join me in praying for this family as they embark on the long tough journey ahead. The family recently released a video statement, so here it is for you to view....

Please visit their blog and show your support as they blindly walk in faith, putting their sweet daughter's life in the hands of the Lord.

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